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Compatibility and Installation Tips

It is easy to install AMA coolers, compatible as they are with all modern platforms. You secure them on AMD processors with the clip that is inserted between the cooler’s pipes into the slits above its base. The clip is attached to the prongs of the standard plastic frame and fixed with a lever. You don’t have to take the mainboard out of the system case and the cooler can be oriented on the CPU in two possible ways.

Two fastening plates with screw holes are attached to the cooler’s base in order to install it on LGA 775/1156/1366 mainboards.

The back-plate is glued to the reverse side of the mainboard.

And then the cooler is secured on the CPU with spring-loaded screws.


The screws can be fastened with the key included into the kit. It is bent in such a way as to bypass the tall heatsinks on the power components around the CPU socket. The fastening is secure, making the cooler absolutely immobile on the CPU.

The user manuals say the following about the best way to position the Phantom, Elf and Stormblazer. 

AMA Phantom


AMA Stormblazer

If turns out that AMA’s recommendations boil down to one and the same thing: the air flow should be directed to the back of the system case. AMA does not try to optimize the position of the heat pipes on the CPU’s heat-spreader as is indicated by the fact that the top model Orc comes without any advice regarding the best orientation.

However, all the four coolers from AMA show their highest performance if their heat pipes lie across an LGA1366 CPU which agrees with the Phantom manual but contracts the recommendations to the Elf and Stormblazer. The coolers may perform differently with Intel’s other sockets or with AMD’s processors, but I did not do such tests for this review.

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