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Design and Functionality

The KÜHLER H2O 620 is based on the Asetek 570LC platform but has a radiator from the Asetek 550LC, thus being a combination of these two systems. The design is exceedingly simple. There are three components: a radiator, a pump combined with a water-block, and a fan.


The tubes that connect the radiator with the water-block are flexible, so you shouldn’t worry that they might break the fittings, as is often the case with similar products from other makers. The tubes are 330 millimeters long; their external diameter is 11 millimeters.

The aluminum radiator boasts RoHS compliance.


Otherwise, it is a regular small radiator measuring 151x118x27 millimeters at 318 grams of weight (including the propylene glycol-based anticorrosion coolant).

It represents a classic design with eleven flat 1.5mm pipes. A corrugated metallic ribbon is soldered to the pipes with about 1mm internal gaps.

The radiator is only 15 millimeters thick, so one 120mm fan should be quite enough for it. However, there are threaded holes for fan fasteners on both sides of the radiator.

The pump with water-block measures 72x72x28 millimeters and weighs 238 grams.

The pump is a mere 28 millimeters in height.

The performance of the pump is not specified. It may be just so low that Antec and Asetek prefer not to put much focus on this characteristic. The pump’s ceramic bearing is supposed to work for no less than 50,000 hours. The noise level is 26 to 37 dBA. The peak power consumption is 2.6 watts.

Inside the water-block there are thin copper fins that are 6-7 millimeters tall.

A layer of thick gray-colored thermal grease can be found on the bottom of the water-block.

Here is the imprint left by my LGA1366 processor on the water-block:

The imprint is somewhat smudgy because I had to turn the water-block around to remove it from my CPU.

The KÜHLER H2O 620 is equipped with one 120x120x25mm fan.

The fan’s impeller and motor are 114 and 43 millimeters in diameter, respectively. The cable is only 150 millimeters long. The black frame and the black impeller are connected with four spokes, three of which are 5 millimeters wide. The cable spoke is 9 millimeters wide.


The speed of the fan is regulated automatically within a range of 1450 to 2000 RPM. The peak air flow is 81.3 CFM. The noise level is not specified in the cooling system specs and it’s not possible to identify the original maker of the fan by its appearance (the sticker on the motor doesn’t tell us much). The specified service life is 50,000 hours, the same as the pump’s.

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