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Compatibility and Installation

The KÜHLER H2O 620 is compatible with all modern computer platforms. The installation procedure is detailed in the following manual, making it even simpler than it really is. First of all, you insert the included threaded bushings into the back-plate.

Then you glue the stripes of dual-sided scotch to the reverse side of this back-plate and glue the latter to the back of your mainboard.


Then, you insert the included plastic bushings with screw holes into the retention frame. You should use a special set of bushings for different platforms: the blue ones for Intel and the green ones for AMD. This is illustrated by the following picture:

Then you screw the retention frame on to the back-plate without fastening the screws to the end.

Next you can put your mainboard back into your system case.

Now you need to place the liquid cooling system itself inside the chassis. Of course, the chassis must have a seat for a 120mm fan.

The installation manual says that the fan should be installed in such a way that its air flow went out of the system case.

The fan is fastened with long screws that go from the outside of the system case through the fan and into the water-block.

Now you only have to insert the water-block into the retention frame on the CPU, turn it around a little to align its mounting holes with those of the retention frame, and secure the frame with screws. Your liquid cooling system is ready to work!


The KÜHLER H2O 620 kit does not include a second fan but there are additional screws to fasten one on the radiator. The whole installation procedure takes no more than 10 minutes. By the way, you don’t have to fill it with coolant – they already did that at the factory.

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