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Monitoring and Control

I believe that the most interesting peculiarity of the Antec KÜHLER H2O 920 system that makes it different from many other liquid-cooling products out there is the software monitoring and adjustment of major system settings. Antec came up with the drivers and a special utility for that particular matter. Yes, it is very unusual, but now even a cooling system requires drivers :)

The utility is presented in a small window with four tabs. The first tab called “Dashboard” displays the coolant temperature, noise, fan and pump rotation speed:

I think the noise readings change in mathematical proportion to the fan rotation speed, because there is certainly no built-in noise meter in Antec KÜHLER H2O 920. However, the coolant temperatures do look very realistic, especially since it is a no-brainer to add a small thermal diode to the system. The same tab allows you to set the system operation mode to Extreme, Silent or Custom.

The information on the second “Graphs” tab allows you to visually control the changes in coolant temperature and fan rotation speeds:

The third tab called “Fan Control” allows setting fan rotation speeds in respect to the coolant temperature if you have previously selected Custom operation mode. You can also set up your notifications here:

Unfortunately, this utility doesn’t allow simple manual rotation speed adjustment, although it could come in very handy here.

Finally, the last tab called “Settings” offers you to set up the utility itself and select a skin (you have only two choices at this time):

Here you can also pick the LED color for the Antec logo on the water block and pump unit. Note that you are not choosing from the list, but use the RGB tone chart. In other words, you can set any color you want.

Overall, this utility is indeed very functional and easy to work with. The only thing it could use for absolute perfection would be manual adjustment of the fan and pump rotor speeds.

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