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Design and Functionality

It takes one glance over the Accelero Hybrid to realize that it’s the well-known Asetek 570LC platform with low-profile radiator we studied a year ago in our Antec KÜHLER H2O 620 review.

It is extremely simple in design, consisting of a pump with copper water block, two flexible pipes (416 mm long) and an aluminum radiator:

There’s nothing extraordinary about the radiator. It measures 150x150x27 mm and its weight is a mere 330 grams.

The 11 flat pipes with a ribbon of corrugated aluminum in between ensure the transfer of heat. The propylene glycol based coolant moves along the pipes from the pump water-block to the radiator and back again.

The compact pump with water-block is only 28 mm in height. Its job is to pump the coolant from the GPU to the radiator. Its performance is not specified but we would hardly be impressed if we knew it.


The water-block has a flat base with a rather mediocre finish. The pump’s ceramic bearing is supposed to last for 50,000 hours of continuous operation.

Part of the Arctic Accelero Hybrid, the plastic casing with 80mm fan is installed directly on the face side of the graphics card to cool its power system components and memory chips.

The casing is simple in design, too. Its 80mm fan is PWM-regulated in a range of 900 to 2000 RPM.

A 120mm fan Arctic F12 PWM is installed on the radiator. The fan has a black frame and a white 9-blade impeller.


By the way, it is also used in the CPU cooler Arctic Freezer i30 we’ve tested recently. Its speed range is 400 to 1350 RPM. The peak air flow is specified to be 74 CFM while the noise level is not higher than 0.3 sones. The fan’s electrical properties are indicated on the sticker:

They are perfectly ordinary: 12 volts, 0.22 amperes and 2.64 watts. The service life of the fluid dynamic bearing is not specified.

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