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As you may know from our reviews, Arctic produces rather ordinary CPU coolers and excellent GPU coolers. The new Accelero Hybrid solution follows this rule, delivering outstanding performance at an extremely low level of noise on a well-overclocked GeForce GTX 680. It completely outperformed the best proprietary ASUS DirectCU II VGA cooler. The Accelero Hybrid is compatible with many graphics card models. It is easy to assemble, install and use. Its radiator with a fan can be placed in different spots inside the PC chassis and it is bundled with highly efficient thermal grease.

The biggest downside we can see is the high price. The retail price of the Antec KÜHLER H2O 620, which is the basis of the Accelero Hybrid, is only $57. We don’t think that the additional two fans, accessories and GPU fasteners justify the tripling of that number. Even though no other brand offers anything like that, the Arctic Accelero Hybrid seems to be overpriced. One more downside we noticed with our computer case was that the tubes were too short for the radiator to be installed inside the chassis. Otherwise, ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid is an excellent high-performance and quiet cooler, which deserves our undivided recommendation and Ultimate Innovation title.

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