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Cooling Efficiency

Can the Accelero S1 PLUS cool a graphics card in fanless mode? The answer is in the diagram:

It not only copes but beats the reference AMD Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition cooler, the latter's fan working at 2200 RPM. And the card’s GPU was overclocked to 1100 MHz! This performance is impressive indeed. When equipped with the Turbo Module, the Accelero S1 PLUS is 14°C better at 620 RPM than itself in fanless mode and 2°C better than the reference cooler at 4730 RPM. Take note that increasing the Turbo Module’s speed from 620 to 1000 RPM only lowers the GPU temperature by 4°C at peak load, so the Accelero S1 PLUS can be used at 7 volts or even without any fan on a graphics card like Radeon HD 7770.

Noise Level

We'll compare the Accelero S1 PLUS with its Turbo Module against the reference cooler of the AMD Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition throughout their speed range. Here are the results:

That’s impressive again. The maximum noise of the Accelero S1 PLUS with Turbo Module is lower than the minimum noise of the reference AMD Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition! And the latter's cooler isn't the noisiest among AMD's or Nvidia's reference products, so we are going to have the same results in comparison with other graphics cards, too.


The Arctic Accelero S1 PLUS has lived up to our expectations, effectively cooling a rather hot graphics card (with its GPU overclocked to 1.1 GHz) in fanless mode. When equipped with the Turbo Module, the Accelero S1 PLUS is head above any reference GPU cooler in efficiency and quietness. Without a doubt, it is the perfect choice for midrange and entry-level graphics cards for silent computers.

On the other hand, the Accelero S1 PLUS can hardly be good for top-end graphics cards which need efficient cooling of the GPU as well as power system components. We also wish the Turbo Module were able to connect directly to the graphics card and supported PWM-based speed regulation. A syringe with thermal grease in the box would also be better than the thick layer of pre-applied thermal interface.

Otherwise, we can see no problems with this product, especially as Artic has taken care to make the Accelero S1 PLUS compatible with a large number of graphics cards and provides detailed charts and drawings that help identify if your particular card is compatible.

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