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As part of its expansion policy, the Swiss Arctic Cooling HK Ltd. has recently added speaker systems, various accessories and even ship and tank models to its product range. Fortunately, they haven’t forgotten about GPU cooling systems they have always been so good at, as opposed to CPU coolers. Recently Arctic Cooling has introduced two new modifications of its older designs: Accelero Twin Turbo II and Accelero Xtreme Plus II. Let's learn more about them right now!

Accelero Twin Turbo II

Despite its name, the Accelero Twin Turbo II is a third modification of the Twin Turbo design which first came out in 2008 and isn’t manufactured anymore. In early 2010 it was replaced with the improved Twin Turbo Pro that had larger fans, more heatsink fins and broader compatibility. You can buy that elegant and light model even today for about $47. That's why the new Twin Turbo II is actually third.

The cooler is shipped in a transparent blister wrap with a paper insert.


This packaging provides a free view of the face side of the product. You can also study the cooler’s specs and key features on the back of the insert. The Twin Turbo II is accompanied with quite a lot of accessories:

There are more aluminum heatsinks for memory chips and power components than in the Pro version. You also get dual-component thermal glue Arctic G-1 and a plastic spatula for preparing and applying it. This is a welcome change since the thermal tape that used to be included with the earlier Arctic products could only be used once and didn't hold the heatsinks on the chips well enough.

The Twin Turbo II is manufactured in China and comes at a recommended price of $65.95. The warranty period is 6 years. No other maker of coolers provides such a long warranty for his products.

Compared to the previous version, the Accelero Twin Turbo II looks bulkier, even though it has only become longer by 2 millimeters, taller by 7 millimeters and wider by a mere 1 millimeter. Its dimensions are 215 x 122 x 53 millimeters and its weight is 479 grams, which is 29 grams heavier than that of the Pro version of the original Twin Turbo. The whole thing looks massive due to the broad plastic casing with fans that covers the face side of the heatsink.



There’s a sticker with the product name on the casing. The peak power dissipation the Twin Turbo II can cope with is indicated beneath. It's 160 watts. This differs from the official specs which mention 250 watts. We don't know which number is true since we don't have appropriate measuring tools. The Accelero Twin Turbo Pro was specified to dissipate up to 120 watts of heat, by the way.

The cooler's heatsink is exceedingly simple but features five rather than four copper heat pipes with a diameter of 6 millimeters. There are still 35 aluminum fins in the heatsink.


Press-fitted on the pipes, the fins are 0.4 millimeters thin and 2 millimeters apart from each other. There is a cutout in the bottom left of the heatsink to make it compatible with modern AMD-based graphics cards which have DVI outputs there. The heatsink has a total area of 2870 square centimeters.

The heat pipes are fitted into and soldered to the grooves in the cooler's base.

The base is finished to a mirror shine and has Arctic MX-4 thermal grease pre-applied.

There was too much of the grease, though. We guess it would be better to have a small syringe of MX-4 as an accessory for the user to apply it himself. The cooler's base is 36x33 millimeters large.

We removed the pre-applied grease and then put the necessary amount of MX-4 out of our own syringe. Here are the imprints that we got:


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