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Cooling Efficiency Tests

First, let’s see how the new coolers from Arctic Cooling are going to cope with an overclocked MSI Radeon HD 6950:

The Xtreme Plus II and Twin Turbo II differ greatly in performance. For example, working at the maximum speed of 2060 RPM, the Twin Turbo II is 1°C worse than the Xtreme Plus II at a quiet 1000 RPM. The latter cooler is beyond competition in this test, actually. We can note that its performance scales up depending on the speed of its three fans. Each extra 200 RPM of speed lowers the GPU temperature by 2-3°C. What is especially impressive, the Xtreme Plus II is as effective at cooling the GPU at its minimum 800 RPM as the original MSI Twin Frozr III cooler at its maximum 4310 RPM!

Although inferior to its senior cousin, the Accelero Twin Turbo II easily beats the original MSI cooler, too. Working at 800 RPM, it is 3°C better than the MSI Twin Frozr III at 2100 RPM. At 1000 RPM it’s as good as the MSI at 2510 RPM. Running a little ahead, we can tell you that the Accelero Twin Turbo II is also way better than the MSI Twin Frozr III in terms of noisiness.

Now what about FurMark? Can the new Arctic coolers cope with such a high load? Yes, they can:

Arctic Accelero TWIN TURBO II

Arctic Accelero XTREME Plus II

The overclocked GPU of our MSI Radeon HD 6950 was only 74°C hot with the Twin Turbo II at 2060 RPM and 61°C hot with the Xtreme Turbo II at 1990 RPM. The more advanced model is 13°C more efficient under the extremely high FurMark load. The GPU monitoring graph indicates that the GPU clock rate would occasionally go down, even though the appropriate setting in the Catalyst driver was set at +20%.

Now let’s test the new coolers with a faster and hotter Gigabyte GeForce GTX 580 SuperOverclock:

The Accelero Xtreme Plus II is still superior to its less advanced cousin, showing even stronger dependence of performance on the speed of the fans, which might be expected considering the high heat dissipation of the overclocked GeForce GTX 580. With a smaller heatsink and fewer fans, the Twin Turbo II finds it hard to cool this card and cannot cope with the task at 800 RPM. Anyway, it is superior to the original Gigabyte WindForce 3X cooler in performance and noise.

The Twin Turbo II couldn’t handle the FurMark load, so the GPU had to drop its clock rate.

Arctic Accelero TWIN TURBO II

Arctic Accelero XTREME Plus II

The Xtreme Plus II, on its part, passes this test successfully, the peak GPU temperature being 59°C. We dared not test the GeForce GTX 580 with its protection turned off.

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