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Design and Functionality

ARCTIC Freezer 13 PRO looks very similar to its younger brother, but is much larger and heavier. It measures 159x96x134 mm and weighs 902 grams:



The heatsink is built around four copper heatpipes 8 mm in diameter. The heatpipes hold an array of 47 aluminum plates 0.5 mm thick that are pressed firmly against the heatpipes. The sides of the heatsink plates are bent downwards closing the gaps between the plates and there is a 120 mm fan on one of the wider sides:


There are no optimizations of the heatsink on the airflow entry. Its calculated effective surface size is 8490cm2, which is a decent size for a tower cooler.

The heatpipes are laid out lazily inside the heatsink body and only remotely resemble the classical staggered layout:


I can’t really tell what the ARCTIC engineers’ intention was when they decided on a layout like that. Obviously, most of the heatsink plate surface won’t really work at all, because it will be way too far from the heatpipes. Why didn’t they lay out the heatpipes at a greater distance from one another?

There is an additional 50 mm fan installed at the bottom of the heatsink right above the heatpipes. It is a unique distinguishing feature of the ARCTIC Freezer 13 PRO cooler:

Its major task is to cool the mainboard North Bridge and voltage regulator components around the processor socket. The rotation speed of this fan is adjusted automatically using PWM approach in the interval from 700 to 2700 RPM:

The primary fan in a plastic frame is 120x120x25 mm in size and in fact is none other but ARCTIC F12 PWM, which we have already tested earlier:

Its rotation speed changes together with the rotation speed of the small additional fan at the cooler base, but the supported speed ranges from 300 to 1350 RPM. The fan is supposed to create 49.7 CFM airflow, generate 0.4 Sone of noise and consume no more than 3 watts. Both fans are connected to the same power and monitoring cable, but the fan rotation speed monitoring is available only for the large fan.

ARCTIC Freezer 13 PRO comes with a layer of highly efficient ARCTIC MX-4 thermal paste applied to its base. Although, there is way too much of it:

Of course, this was ARCTIC’s attempt to make the installation procedure as quick and easy as possible, but we think it would be better to include a small tube of paste with the bundled accessories instead of wasting so much paste and even lowering the cooler efficiency.

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