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If you visit the web-site of the Swiss ARCTIC Company from time to time, then you can notice that they have been consistently expanding their product range. For example, besides the coolers, which we all know very well, they have been also offering power supply units and versatile accessories, including some very interesting toys. They have recently added power components, chargers, audio products and some other not very computer-related products. Everything made by ARCTIC proudly carries their slogan - Spirit of Innovation.

Sounds really good and even dramatic to some extent. But let’s leave the wording to the company’s marketing professionals, together with the toy tanks and ships and move on to ARCTIC’s new cooler – Freezer i30, which is currently their highest-performance product. Frankly speaking, the processor cooler from this Swiss manufacturer have never been the leaders in their respective price segments, unlike ARCTIC’s VGA products. Could the new Freezer change that? Let’s find out.

Technical Specifications and Recommended Pricing

Packaging and Accessories

A not very big white box weighing 1.4 kg is made of thick cardboard. There is a photo of the cooler on the front of the box with the list of supported platforms:

Inside this box there is a clear plastic casing with the cooler secured in it, beneath the casing you will find an additional bag with retention parts, backplate, manual and ARCTIC MX-4 thermal paste:

I would like to stress that they no longer apply a layer of thermal paste to the cooler base, which has often been the case with ARCTIC coolers, but provide a 4 g syringe instead/. This is a much more practical solution and this amount should be enough for 4-5 installations.

The cooler is made in China. It is priced at $49.95 and comes with six-year warranty.

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