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Acoustic Performance

We measured the noise level of our coolers throughout the entire speed range of their fans, as described in the chapter on testing methodology. Here are the results:

I can’t say that ARCTIC Freezer i30 has a noisy fan, because it remains acoustically comfortable up to 1070 RPM and can be considered really quiet up to 840 RPM. It doesn’t make any funny noises like clicking crackling or buzzing. Its impeller is well-balanced and works smoothly. Nevertheless, it once again got defeated by Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 and TY-140 fan. So far no other cooler and fan could get close to the acoustic performance of this Thermalright product.


Frankly speaking, ARCTIC Freezer i30 didn’t impress us with any unique innovations, which the company slogan promised, and didn’t demonstrate award-winning cooling efficiency or acoustic performance. Both these characteristics are, in fact, pretty average and therefore, it will hardly be able to compete against the leaders in this price segment. Moreover, the company’s strange strategy of offering individual Intel and AMD models will force the potential ARCTIC Freezer i30 owners to replace the cooler together with the platform, if they eventually decide to switch camps. And that is while there are a lot of good and much more universal options in the today’s market for the same $49.95. That said, it is really hard to recommend ARCTIC Freezer i30 at this time, but the choice is ultimately yours.

P.S.: Although the MSRP of the new ARCTIC Freezer i30 is relatively high, it is already retailing for $39, which is 410 less than its original recommended price. Although, it doesn’t change things much for this cooler.

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