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Asetek Inc. with the headquarters in Denmark has long been known as the manufacturer of the VapoChill series of phase-change cooling systems. Recently, Asetek has opened a new market for itself – and its WaterChill systems are now among the best water-cooling solutions available. You should be aware that the name of the new series is a bit misleading as these systems are not true water-chillers, i.e. systems where the liquid is cooled down to below the ambient temperature.

Asetek is now offering a wide assortment of ready-made kits as well as separate components (under the WaterChill DYO brand) – buying each component separately, you have an opportunity to build a cooling system that would exactly suit your specific needs. By the way, other companies engaged into manufacture of water-cooling systems for enthusiasts, like InnovaTek or Swiftech, use the same policy which distinguishes them from developers of low-end systems. This flexibility of the configuration is the second key advantage of the hi-end water cooling (besides its higher efficiency) over the cooling mainstream, but hi-end solutions may cost a small fortune. Asetek isn’t humane about the pricing of its products, either. Well, that’s actually the only shortcoming of such systems.


Water-block material: copper sole + acryl cap

Radiator: 150x248x25mm

Pump power: 1200 liters per hour

Reservoir: 90x27x27mm

Tubes: 10mm

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