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Closer Look

The Asetek WaterChill Antarctica KT12A-L30 kit includes three water-blocks: for the CPU, GPU and the chipset’s North Bridge. They are all designed alike: a copper sole with a milled channel for the passing of the liquid plus a thick acryl cap the 0.5” Push-on fittings are attached to.

The Antarctica CPU block has a rather unusual three-fitting design with one central intake stub and two output stubs on the sides. This helps to improve the uniformity of cooling.

The block has fastenings for Socket 478 and Socket 754/939. You can also mount it on Socket A mainboards where there are holes around the CPU socket. The owners of newer Socket 775 systems can use an optional cap that makes the block compatible with this socket.

This highly efficient water-block is quite simple in design: the water is injected along the straight passage. The tapering design of the central passage ensures a high injection pressure in the grooves of the small heatsink with 26mm-long and 1mm-thick ribs. There are seven ribs in total, placed 1-1.2mm apart from each other. The height of the ribs is 5mm, and the thickness of the bottom in the useful area (in-between the ribs) is only 5mm!

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