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On the other hand, we can’t refer to the size of this component as to a drawback as you can get a radiator of the same type, but of a twice smaller length. The reviewed kit is intended for enthusiasts who need maximum efficiency and they will have it! For real connoisseurs there’s also a radiator model of “3x120mm” type (the formula describes the configuration of the fans installed), while owners of small system cases can choose the traditional “1x120mm” or the tiny “1x80mm” design. Asetek tries to suit everyone’s needs, offering a large selection of WaterChill components.

The kit includes two rather quiet 120mm fans manufactured by ADDA. They share the same connector that is attached to the small control unit.

When assembled, the system takes much space, but looks most imposing. Let’s see how it performs in practice.


We use a specially designed testbed called Judge MARK 300 to explore various cooling systems. Using a field transistor in a metal casing as a heating element, we can accurately control the load on the cooling system. The testbed can send from 25 to 250 watts of power to the heating element. We read the temperature from a thermal sensor installed in the center of the element, and so we get data which are close to those of a real processor with the same heat dissipation.

Our results are more accurate than those you would get with a real processor and mainboard as there’s no dependence on the CPU load (not all programs can load the CPU to the full, while we can have any wattage we need), and there’s no inaccuracy associated with the hardware monitoring systems of mainboards which are not very precise.

You can easily see that by comparing mainboards from different manufacturers under the same conditions – the temperatures and voltages are going to be different. We are safeguarded from such errors and get true-to-life data which are also compatible among different cooling systems.

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