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Our today’s article is devoted to Asetek cooling solution that boasts unusually thick heatpipes that make 13mm in diameter. According to the manufacturer, heatpipes with such big diameter boast bigger area for more effective heat dissipation. Besides, the special contents of the liquid or gas inside these heatpipes contributes to the higher cooling efficiency. Moreover, the engineers paid special attention to the design of the cooler sole, in order to ensure maximum heat dissipation efficiency. Today’s article is going to reveal how successful these efforts turned out.

Let’s take a closer look at our today’s major testing participant – Asetek VapoChill Micro cooler.

Closer Look

In fact, we first came across this cooling solution about a year ago, which was reported I our news, however, we didn’t have a chance to get down to testing it yet. So today we are going to correct this mistake of ours and get you the most indepth review of this solution. As we have already mentioned, the major peculiarity of Asetek VapoChill Micro is the use of thick heatpipes aka thermal siphons.

Asetek VapoChill Micro product line includes three cooler models that differ by the design of the fan and package bundle. They are Extreme Performance, Hi-End and Ultra Low Noise. Moreover, the coolers are not universal and each of these models is designed for three different processor sockets (Socket 478, LGA775 and Socket 754/939/940). So, there are 9 modifications of Asetek VapoChill Micro cooling solution. However, if you upgraded to a new platform you don’t have to replace the entire cooler. You can simply purchase a corresponding retention kit for your particular socket type. According to the company’s official website, these kits are pretty pricy and sell for about the price of a budget cooler (19 Euro). There you can also see that Asetek VapoChill Micro is not designed to fit onto the Socket AM2 platform. The fan rotation speed regulator is not included with the Hi-End package, so you can always purchase it separately, if you need it.

The sample we got into our lab belonged to the Extreme Performance line and was originally designed for the LGA775 Socket.

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