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If we look at the problem of creating efficient cooling for contemporary CPUs from an overclocker’s standpoint, we can say that in reality there is no problem at all. And it is certainly not the low heat dissipation of overclocked processors that explains it (on the contrary, overclocked CPUs run pretty hot). The reason for that is the fact that currently there are so many highly efficient coolers out there that even a fastidious user will find a good one easily. Here are a few coolers that I could think of on the spot: Thermalright IFX-14 / SI-128 (SE) / Ultra-120 eXtreme, ZEROtherm Nirvana NV120 Premium / ZEN FZ120, Cooler Master GeminII / Hyper Z600 / Hyper 212 / GeminII S, Ice Hammer IH-44xx, Noctua NH-U12(F) / NH-C12P, ASUSTek Silent Square EVO, XIGMATEK HDT-D1284, Scythe ZIPANG… As for the good old buddies, you shouldn’t forget about such great solutions of all times as Thermaltake Big Typhoon (VX), Scythe Infinity / Ninja (Copper/2), Tuniq Tower 120 (120-LFB), Enzotech Ultra-X and Zalman CNPS9700 LED. We’ve got about two dozen right here already. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

And now let’s remember that there have recently arrived or will be coming out shortly such monsters of cooling as Cooler Master V12, V10 and V8, Zalman CNPS9900, Thermalright AXP-140, Thermaltake BigTyp14 ? Spin Q, ASUSTek Axe Square and Royal Knight. These are just a few contestants for the Super-Cooler title. As you can see, the manufacturers have no plans to be done with air cooling just yet, even though it seems that the potential of this technology has already been completely exhausted.

Today we are going to either strike out from the contestants list or add to the above listed recognized super-coolers two new solutions from ASUSTeK Computer Inc. and ARCTIC COOLING GmbH: Lion Square and Freezer Xtreme.

ASUS Lion Square: Under the Sign of the Lion

Package and Accessories

A not very big cube-shaped box that ASUS Lion Square comes in has a convenient carry handle and a cut out window in the front:

You can find the details about the cooler structure involving 8mm heatpipes. According to the manufacturer, it ensures a 30% advantage during heat transfer from the heatpipes to heatsink plate arrays compared to cooling solutions using 6mm heatpipes:


 The back of the box bears technical specifications of the new cooler, the list of supported processor types and compatible sockets.

There is a clear plastic casing inside the cardboard box. It securely holds the cooler inside. By the way, we noticed that the plastic cracked in a few spots, probably during transportation, but the cooler remained intact:

At the bottom of this casing you will find a backplate for LGA775 platforms and a small box with other accessories. The accessories bundle includes two screw-retentions for LGA775, a swing-slip for AMD K8 and K10 processors and ASUS thermal compound:

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