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I don’t think that the conclusions I am going to draw today will take anyone by surprise. ASUS Lion Square turned out just a good cooler. I would suggest that in the next cooler modification the manufacturer replaces the 92-mm fan with a 120-mm one with nine aggressive blades, increases the supported rotation speed range and allows manual adjustment. They will have to make the hole inside the heatsink larger, they may even have to make the cooler larger as well, but only in this case the “baby lion” could grow up into a real beast.

Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme seems to be one of the most interesting solutions we have reviewed lately. A relatively compact and light-weight cooler boasts truly remarkable potential. If overclockers manage to uncover it to the full extent, they will be more than happy with the results. You will need to replace the default fan with the one featuring higher pressure and higher rotation speeds, however, in this case you will get the efficiency of Thermalright IFX-14 for about ~$45 (assuming, you can tolerate certain level of noise). It is a pity that the manufacturer didn’t improve their cooling solution on their own (a 38-mm fan with 700~2500 RPM could be a nice addition). And as for the problem with the fan rotation speed adjustment that we experienced during our tests, I believe it was a flaw of our particular cooler sample.

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