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Design and Functionality

The “lion” design reminds us of the previously reviewed ASUS Silent Square EVO cooler:

ASUS Lion Square measures 126 x 126 x 144 mm and is based on four copper heatpipes 8mm in diameter that go through copper base. The heatpipes hold 0.35 mm thick aluminum heatsink plates of two kinds. They are spaced out at a 2mm distance from one another:


The heatsink is topped with a shaped plastic cover decorated with an image of a lion head from the Japanese mythology:

The same symbolism is present in the mere name of the cooler – Lion Square. Lion is the symbol of power, courage and luck, and the second word “Square” is an already familiar abbreviation that reads as follows:

  • Superior performance
  • Quiet (low noise level)
  • Universal application (supports K8 and LGA775 platforms)
  • Aesthetics (highlighted fan)
  • Reliable (cools the CPU power circuit)
  • Easy assembly

The top plastic cover can be easily removed (just remove a couple of screws first):

Here we see the fan retention frame that can also be easily dismounted. Finally we can meet up close and personal with the ASUS Lion Square heatsink:

As we see, the stamped heatsink plates have a special hole for the fan in the middle of them. In other words, the cooler heatsink doesn’t consist of two independent arrays, as you may have thought at first, but of 29 solid aluminum plates with a hole in the center. There are additional 5 plates added on each side at the bottom of the heatsink in the direction of the airflow from the cooling fan:

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