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Installation Tips

The cooler installs very simply and intuitively. You can download the installation instructions from the official web-site (PDF file, 3.64 MB), but I doubt you will actually need them. If you want to install ASUS Lion Square onto an AMD K8 or K10 platform, you won’t need to remove the mainboard from the system case, because the cooler is pressed against the processor heat-spreader with the bundled swing-slip inserted into the slits in the cooler base:

However, if you have an LGA 775 mainboard, it will have to get out of the system case, because ASUS Lion Square will be attached to a backplate with two brackets with spring-screws:

In this case the cooler is pressed very firmly against the CPU heat-spreader, which works great for efficient heat transfer.

The distance from the lower heatsink plate of the cooler to the mainboard PCB is 39 mm, so the lion will not interfere with any components around the processor socket:

The cooler fits pretty compactly into the system case and doesn’t conflict with tall memory module heat-spreaders or relatively massive chipset cooling system of our new mainboard:


The blue fan highlighting is very pale and you can barely see it even in the dark, since the fan is hidden inside the heatsink.

ASUS Lion Square is priced at around $55.

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