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The contact surface of the base is finished in a pretty common way for coolers with this type of base, although one side of the two central heatpipes pushed a little too deep into the insert, which you can notice from the thermal paste imprints:


The integrity of the contact between the CPU heat-spreader and the cooler base as well as the retention pressure are of utmost importance for coolers with Direct-Contact technology, and here we see this unforgivable defect. It may inevitably affect the cooling efficiency of this product, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Auras Shagon ARC-118 is equipped with one seven-blade PowerLogic fan 92x92x25 mm in size:

The fan rotation speed should be adjusted automatically using pulse-width modulation approach in the interval from 1000 to 2400 RPM creating maximum airflow of 41.84 CFM and generating 32 dBA of noise. Although in reality the fan turned out completely noiseless simply because it didn’t work. I also have to add that the fan’s maximum power consumption wasn’t supposed to exceed 2.4 W and the life span of its slide bearing is not mentioned among the cooler specifications.

This “noiseless” fan should get even quieter due to silicone mounts holding it on the heatsink casing:

Shagon ARC-118 is compatible with all contemporary platforms. We didn’t find the electronic version of the manual for this cooler anywhere online, but there is a printed manual included with the cooler accessories. However, the installation procedure is extremely simple and intuitive anyway. First you have to insert threaded bushes into the retention holes on the cooler backplate:


At the same time you fasten the retention brackets to the base of the heatsink:

After that you install the backplate on the reverse side of the mainboard PCB, apply a layer of thermal paste onto the processor heat-spreader, put the cooler on top and tighten the spring-screws:


The cooler provides 40 mm clearance to the mainboard surface, which is enough to ensure that this overall compact cooler won’t cause any problems in the around-the-socket area.

This is what Auras Shagon ARC-118 looks like inside the system case. It is equipped with an alternative DeepCool UF92 fan (which works):

The recommended retail price of this cooler is set at $29, although I personally wouldn’t give more than $18…

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