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Closer Look at Auras Shagon AHC-118

The top model in the Auras Shagon lineup called AHC-118 looks very similar to the junior one, but is larger in size:



The cooler is 180 mm tall, 118 mm wide and 135 mm deep, which is huge. It weighs 951 g.

At the same time, Shagon AHC-118 can’t boast any unique technical innovations. The heatsink is built by pressing 42 aluminum plates 0.4 mm thick against the six copper heatpipes with 6 mm diameter preserving 2 mm of space between the plates.


The heatpipes in this cooler are laid out in two semi-circular patterns:

Unlike the junior model, the base of Shagon AHC-118 is built way better:

The gaps between the heatpipes are only 1 mm wide and the surface is even and very well finished:

Nevertheless, only four heatpipes out of six work to the utmost of their capacity even on an LGA1366 processor, which has the largest heat-spreader of all contemporary Intel CPUs:


As for AMD Socket AM2(+)/AM3 processors, all heatpipes will most likely contact the CPU heat-spreader fully.

The heatsink is equipped with a seven-blade 120x120x25 mm fan:

This fan is also made by PowerLogic. This model PLA12025S12M uses a slide bearing in its motor. The fan rotation speed is PWM controlled in the interval from 1000 to 1800 RPM. The fan should create maximum airflow of 59.27 CFM and generate 32.3 dBA of noise. This fan consumes the same amount of power as the one on junior model: 2.4 W.

Auras Shagon AHC-118 is installed in the same exact manner as the ARC-118 model. The only difference is the amount of space that this cooler takes inside the system case, since it is larger:

The 180 mm height of this cooler didn’t let us close the side panel of our Antec Twelve Hundred system case, so this time we will test all coolers inside a system case with removed side panel.

In conclusion I have to add that the MSRP of the Auras Shagon AHC-118 cooler is set at $49.

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