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Although some you may not be familiar with the Chinese Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd. (AVC), it is one of the leaders in the world market. Founded back in 1991 with 65 million dollars authorized capital stock, AVC has now grown to 2.1 billion dollars worth with over 8700 employees. The company specializes on computer components cooling and some other products that is why they work closely with such “monsters” as IBM, Toshiba, Siemens, LG, Intel and AMD. Over the entire lifetime, the company has registered over 200 patents for inventions and innovations in this field.

After taking a quick look at the AVC cooling solutions we decided to dwell on one of them that turned out a brand new product. I am talking about a cooler with a very long hard-to-pronounce name: AVC Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) Integrating. I have to admit that it sounds too sophisticated and not typical for a CPU air-cooler at all. Besides the unique name, the cooler also seemed very interesting due to 8 heatpipes used in its heatsink design and its claimed ability to cool 200W CPUs. Well, let’s find out how true these claims are.

Package and Accessories

The box that this cooler ships in is pretty large, with a shaped cut our window on the front panel. The shape of this window looks very much like a bat – the symbol of a popular superhero from the Hollywood sequel:

The sides of the box contain detailed information about the cooling solution inside. It is hard to tell what could be missing over there:


There is a molded plastic casing inside the cardboard box that protects the cooler against transportation damages. Our AVC Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) Integrating sample arrived with one cardboard corner smashed in and the plastic casing cracked in that particular spot, but the cooler remained safe and sound.

There is a small box with the bundled accessories on top. It contains the following items:

  • Backplate for LGA775 mainboards;
  • Backplate for LGA1366 mainboards;
  • Two retention plates for AMD platforms;
  • Four spring screws for these plates;
  • A shaped wrench and four spring screws for LGA775/1366;
  • AVC thermal paste.

The LGA775/1366 retention plates are already preinstalled onto the cooler, so don’t be surprised that they are not listed among the bundled accessories. However, there was no user manual among them either. In fact, this is not a big omission, because the installation is pretty simple and intuitive, but we will talk more about it later in this review. At this point we only have to add that the cooler is made in China. And now let’s check out the newcomer in person.

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