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Design and Functionality

AVC Extra-sensory perception Integrating is a very large cooler and I personally liked very much the looks of it. It is available in three color schemes: black, silver and blue.

We got a sample with a black heatsink.

The cooler measures 166 x 124 x 166 mm and weighs 836g. The heatsink is built of sophisticatedly shaped aluminum plates sitting on copper nickel-plated heatpipes:


First time you see this AVC cooler, you can’t understand right away where the fan is, but on closer examination you can see it inside the heatsink between the array sections:


Each heatsink array consists of 50 aluminum plates, each 0.4mm thick and spaced out at a 2mm distance from one another:


The calculated heatsink surface area makes 8,753cm2, which is one of the best among contemporary super-coolers (let me remind you that the calculated effective heatsink surface of the Thermalright IFX-14 is 10,323cm2).

The cooler height and width are the same and equal 166mm. Its width is luckily smaller and equals 124mm:

Nevertheless, I have to repeat once again that the cooler is very big.

There is a glossy plastic shield attached to the top of the heatsink with two self-tapping screws. The fan hides beneath it:


The fan is fastened with two aluminum plates pushing against the bottom heatsink plates.

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