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Once you remove these fan retention plates, you will see that the heatsink arrays are of completely different size:

The fan is installed in such a way that the airflow from it is aimed at the larger heatsink array, which is, in fact, quite logical.

Now I have to say a few words about the heatpipes. Of course, you remember, that the cooler description mentions eight heatpipes. However, it turned out to be not quite the case. There are four 6-mm heatpipes that go through the copper nickel-plated cooler base:


It looks like AVC guys count the number of heatpipes piercing the heatsink and not the number of heatpipes uses in the cooler. The heatpipes lie in special grooves and all contact surfaces are soldered together. The base plate beneath the heatpipes is 2.3mm.

The base surface finish leaves much to be desired: the machine marks are not only visible but also can be felt to the touch:

The surface, however, is mostly even. The thermal compound imprint from the CPU heat-spreader was almost ideal:

Well, we have finally come to the fan. It has seven transparent blue blades that look very pretty, but too simple, in my opinion, without any distinguishing features:


The fan rotation speed is adjusted automatically in the interval from 550 to 2000RPM using pulse-width modulation method (PWM). The specifications mention maximum airflow of 81.3CFM and 27.5-36dBA noise level. The last spec seems to be pretty far from reality in my opinion, because the only way a 120-mm fan can generate 27.5dBA of noise is if its bearings are clanking or if the fan blades are scratching the frame around them.

By the way, the bearing may in fact clank, because this fan uses a ball bearing.

In addition I have to say that the fan is equipped with four blue LEDs:

Unfortunately, they cast pretty weak light. They are barely noticeable against a black heatsink in the dark.

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