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Compatibility and Installation

AVC Extra-sensory perception Integrating is compatible with all contemporary platforms. It is always installed with screws inserted through the PCB and a backplate that is stuck to the bottom of the board:

When you install this cooler onto AMD platforms, you must use the reference backplate of the particular boards.

Once the backplate is attached and the thermal interface is applied to the CPU heat-spreader, we install the cooler and tighten the spring-screws evenly using an L-shaped hexagonal wrench:

This is a not very convenient process, because tall heatsinks over mainboard voltage regulator components or tall memory module heat-spreaders may be in the way of the wrench. However, in the end you will be rewarded with a very secure hold and reliable contact between the cooler base and the processor heat-spreader.

Despite the size of this cooler the only component that may interfere with it when installed onto the board is the tall memory module heat-spreaders, because the distance between the PCB and the lower heatsink plate is about 40mm:


As for the dependence of cooling efficiency on the way the cooler is installed onto the CPU, we can say that AVC Extra-sensory perception Integrating is hardly sensitive to this factor (-1..1.5°C when the cooler is installed so that the airflow is directed towards the top of the system case):


Well, it is certainly a matter of personal perception, but for me the shape of the new AVC cooler looks more like a Batman logo than some extra-sensory perception.

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