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Closer Look at Dark Rock PRO C1

Dark Rock PRO C1 ships in an even larger box:

The informative part on the box front and side panels is exactly the same as on the package of the Dark Rock Advanced C1, only the actual specifications and features are different, of course:


The package is just as reliable and the accessories are exactly the same as in the previous case. The recommended retail price, however, is different. Dark Rock PRO C1 is a very expensive cooler priced at €79.90.

Dark Rock PRO C1 looks very impressive. It measures 166x133x150 mm and weighs a little over 1.5 kg:



Despite external similarity with the Dark Rock Advanced C1 (the nickel-plating, the decorative panel and constructively identical fans), the flagship beQuiet! cooler uses a two-array heatsink with one fan per array. There are 44 plates in each array, each 0.4 mm thick and 2 mm gaps between them, which is exactly the same as we have just seen by the Advanced C1 model. However, the calculated effective heatsink cooling surface is 11,100 cm2, due to a larger total number of plates, which is as good as the today’s best cooling systems can offer.


Besides the two-array heatsink, Dark Rock PRO C1 has more heatpipes – a total of seven. They are of the same 6 mm diameter. The heatpipes are arranged inside the heatsink body in a triangle-like pattern:


This heatpipe distribution may help spread out the heat more evenly over the heatsink body, but at the same time it may create additional resistance for the airflow.

To lower this resistance, beQuiet! engineers applied the same optimizations of the heatsink side where the airflow enters the heatsink body, as we have just seen by Dark Rock Advanced C1.

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