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Cooling Efficiency Tests

The results are summed up in the diagram and table below:

First let’s discuss the results obtained with default fans. Even at maximum rotation speed of 1500 RPM beQuiet! Dark Rock Advanced C1 barely coped with a moderately overclocked six-core processors. 93°C under peak load is a very high temperature, even in the heat of summer, which has been an inalienable part of our test sessions over the past few months. As we have expected, beQuiet! Dark Rock PRO C1 turned out a more efficient cooler, but its advantage is not too grand. At 1220 RPM of its two fans beQuiet! Dark Rock PRO C1 wins one degree from its younger brother, and at the maximum speed of 1690 RPM - 6°C. It seems like a decent result, but look at the CPU temperature with Thermalright Archon! The same temperature of 87°C at 810 RPM and 81°C at 1260 RPM of its only fan, which creates a 6-degree advantage over the heavy two-array beQuiet! Dark Rock PRO C1. Well, with results like that and the same price tag on these two coolers, the choice will hardly be in beQuiet!’s favor.

The results obtained during tests with alternative Scythe Slip Stream 140 fans show that the original fans of these two coolers do not do their job well enough. For example, the cooling efficiency of beQuiet! Dark Rock Advanced C1 increases quite rapidly as the rotation speed of its fan starts to grow, and at 1500 RPM this product cools the test CPU 7°C better than at the same 1500 RPM of its default fan. Of course, the noise in this case will be higher, but note that with the 140 mm fan rotating at 1000 RPM beQuiet! Dark Rock Advanced C1 is more efficient than with its default SilentWings PWM fan at its maximum speed. The same is also true for the beQuiet! Dark Rock PRO C1 cooler. Two powerful Scythe fans make this cooler much more effective. Despite the fact that we have artificially increased the cooling efficiency of the two beQuiet! coolers by using more powerful fans, they still can’t catch up with Thermalright Archon with one default fan. And once we use identical fans on all our testing participants, beQuiet! products fall even farther behind.

In conclusion to our cooling efficiency tests we tested how well the best of the two beQuiet! coolers - the two-array beQuiet! Dark Rock PRO C1 – can overclock our test processor. With two Scythe Slip Stream 140 fans at 1730 RPM this cooler could make the CPU stable at 4425 MHz and 1.44375 V Vcore with the maximum temperature of the hottest core not exceeding 90°C:

beQuiet! Dark Rock PRO C1

Thermalright Archon

The results of our beQuiet! Dark Rock PRO C1 are fairly average. Thermalright Archon with the same fans and in the same testing conditions overclocked identically overclocked processor 10°C better.

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