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Acoustic Performance

The amount of noise produced by the coolers was measured throughout the speed range of their fans according to the method explained above. You can see the results in the following diagram with table:

Once again we see that beQuiet! SilentWings fans are very quiet. If we compare their noise on heatsinks against other models used in our today’s test session, the advantage in favor of SilentWings fans will be significant. For example, both - Dark Rock PRO C1 and Advanced C1 coolers – remain acoustically comfortable at up to 1400 and 1500 PM respectively, while the TY-140 Thermalright fan on the Archon cooler can only be considered acoustically comfortable up to 1140 RPM, just like Scythe Slip Stream 140 when installed on Dark Rock Advanced C1. The difference in rotation speeds and noise is exactly the same at the assumed zero-noise threshold. So, in this aspect beQuiet! coolers are undoubtedly the absolute best.


I have to say that beQuiet! Dark Rock Advanced C1 and Dark Rock PRO C1 didn’t prove up to our expectations. Despite very smart design, heatsinks of superior quality and excellent cooling fans, the coolers didn’t demonstrate the cooling efficiency worthy of solutions with such high price, large size and heavy weight. It could be the concaved base plates, but I am sure you will agree that this is hardly a problem for the users to solve, but rather for the manufacturer. Issues like that are unacceptable, that is why we tested the coolers “as is” and didn’t invest any time into evening out the contact surfaces.

Among the obvious advantages of the new beQuiet! Dark Rock PRO C1 and Dark Rock Advanced C1 we should definitely point out their attractive exterior, versatility, reliable retention and exceptionally quiet fans. By the way, considering the high price of beQuiet! SilentWEings PWM fans (€18.50), it could also make sense to have Dark Rock coolers offered in a fanless configuration, too. This would allow lowering their retail price substantially and offer the users the opportunity to pick their own fans without spending too much extra. Although, they have to fix the issue of concaved base plates first, because unless it’s done, nothing else will really matter.

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