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Scythe Samurai ZZ (SCSMZ-2000)

The next cooler to be discussed is Scythe Samurai ZZ. It comes in a small box. There is a photo of the product on the front of the box and diverse information on the other sides.


Included with the cooler are three pairs of fasteners, an installation guide, and a 1g pack of stiff grey thermal grease SilMORE.

The Scythe Samurai ZZ is a modest-sized top-flow cooler with a 92mm fan.


The Samurai ZZ measures 94x122x94 millimeters. The rest of its dimensions are shown in the next illustrations.


It weighs 472 grams, which is not much for a modern cooler.

It has three copper heat pipes, 6 millimeters in diameter, going through the base. The pipes carry aluminum fins.

The fins are 47 in total. They are 0.35 millimeters thick and 1.7 millimeters apart. The Samurai ZZ features Fast-Phase Structure technology which means that the heatsink is large and very dense. Scythe engineers think that this can make a small heatsink more efficient.

The Samurai ZZ may seem to have six rather than three heat pipes if you take a look at its front or back.


Yet they are only three. They just go through the base in a semicircle and return back into the heatsink. The contact between the heat pipes and the nickel-plated copper plate of the base is ensured through soldering.

The fins seem to be press-fitted on the heat pipes because we couldn’t find any trace of thermal glue or solder there. A small aluminum heatsink is installed above the heat pipes. Its purpose is to take the heat off the top of the pipes in the base as well as to provide the basis for the cooler’s fasteners. There are grooves in the heatsink for that.

The heatsink is topped by a fan secured with two wire brackets.


The base of the Samurai ZZ is covered with a piece of polyethylene film with a warning that you must remove it prior to installing the cooler. The nickel-plated copper base is 2 millimeters thick. It is finished to a mirror shine and absolutely flat:


The Samurai ZZ is equipped with one 7-blade 92x92x25mm fan (SY9225SL12M-P) which is controlled through pulse-width modulation.

According to its specs, the fan’s speed varies from 300 to 2500 RPM. The airflow is 6.7 to 55.55 CFM while the noise is 7.2 to 31.07 dBA. The service life of the bearing is not declared but it should be a standard 30,000 hours. The power consumption of the fan is no higher than 2.1 watts.

The Samurai ZZ is equipped with V.T.M.S. (Versatile Tool-free Multiplatform System) which only requires the user to insert the appropriate pair of fasteners into the bottom heatsink to install the cooler on the CPU. The mainboard doesn’t have to be taken out of the system case for that.

Socket 478

Socket AM2/AM3

LGA 775/1156/1366

No tools are required, either. The cooler is compatible with all modern platforms. Thanks to the compact heatsink, the Scythe Samurai ZZ can be installed even on mainboards that have lots of components near the CPU socket.


The pipes and heatsink do not prevent you from orienting this cooler in any way you like except that you won’t be able to install it with the ends of the heat pipes facing down as they would press against the mainboard’s chipset. However, this orientation is not actually recommended by the manufacturer due to its low efficiency. We installed the Samurai ZZ with the ends of the heat pipes up.

The recommended price of this cooler is $19.9.

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