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First off, we want to make it clear that each of the tested entry-level coolers is going to be an excellent and, most importantly, inexpensive replacement for the boxed cooler of a modern processor, being some 15°C better in the quiet mode. Each of them is easy to install even for inexperienced users. Now, we’ll add a few words on each tested model.

The Cooler Master Hyper TX3 is a disappointment of this test session due to the poor implementation of the direct-touch technology. The distance between the heat pipes in the cooler base is as long as 6 millimeters and filled with aluminum, so there is no uniform and efficient heat transfer between the cooler heatsink and the CPU heat-spreader. Thus, this potentially best cooler proves to be but mediocre and cannot even claim that it is quiet. The good news is that the Hyper TX3 supports multiple platforms and can be easily installed on each of them. You can also attach a second fan to it.

The Nexus LXM-8200 is a more interesting model that was more effective than the Hyper TX3 in the quiet and comfortable modes which are the most important for the majority of users. However, we had expected this model to be better in terms of both: performance and noise. The Nexus LXM-8200 can only be installed on LGA775; if you’ve got an AMD processor, you should buy the AXM-8200 instead. Both models are being phased out now, giving way to the more advanced VCT-9000.

The Samurai ZZ doesn’t look good against the other tested coolers in terms of performance but it is the most compact and universal among them. Besides, its performance may improve greatly if you have a side-panel fan or vent holes opposite the CPU socket. For example, it cooled our CPU 6°C better when we simply removed the side panel of our testbed, even though our Hiper Osiris system case itself had proper ventilation.

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