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While Intel and AMD are both working hard to reduce power consumption of their existing and upcoming processors, it would be unreasonable not to use the advances in heatsink design and heat-conductive materials that have been achieved in the research for highest-efficiency cooling. Having efficient heatsinks on one hand, and CPUs with low power dissipation on the other, it is now possible for the manufacturers to try to make their coolers smaller or reduce the noise they produce. It’s in this direction that two world-famous brands, Zalman and Scythe, have been moving recently.

In this article we will introduce to you Zalman CNPS8000 and Scythe Mine (SCMN-1000) coolers and compare their performance with some already tested models. We will also check how much noise they make, how easy they are to install, and how their prices compare.

Testing Participants

Zalman CNPS8000

Cooling systems from the Korea-headquartered Zalman have long and deservedly won renown in the overclocking community. Besides boasting high efficiency, Zalman-branded devices for cooling nearly every system component are also always up to the highest aesthetic standards. It’s just pleasing for the eye to look at the design and package of most of Zalman’s products. The new CPU cooler I am going to test today – Zalman CNPS8000 – is not an exception.

Here’s the package the cooler comes in. It is a small dark-blue box with a carry handle:


There are two transparent windows on the face and reverse sides of the package so that you could take a look at the cooler before purchasing it. The main features of the Zalman CNPS8000 are listed on the face side; this information is completed with a detailed specification at the back of the package. The cooler is manufactured in Korea.

Inside this cardboard box there is a plastic packet with the cooler and accessories:

  • Back-plate to install the cooler on Socket T (LGA775)
  • Double plate to install the cooler on Socket T (LGA775)
  • Fasteners for Socket 754/939/940
  • Fan speed controller Fan Mate 2 with a cable
  • Double-sided scotch tape to fasten the Fan Mate 2
  • Installation guide
  • Zalman’s thermal paste (zinc oxide, 1.2W/mK)
  • Sticker with Zalman’s logo
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