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And this is a photo of the cooler itself:

Four copper 6mm heat pipes marked as “TT1586” have contact with a copper base about 8mm thick. The cooler’s heatsink is put on the heat pipes. It consists of 18 low-profile plates on the two bottommost heat pipes while the 44 high-profile aluminum plates in the cooler’s central part have contact with all the four pipes and are shaped like a cup. The plates are about 0.25-0.3mm thick. The area of contact of the heatsink’s ribs with the heat pipes is enlarged by means of bottlenecks I have noticed before in other heat pipes based coolers. The whole arrangement is topped by a plastic frame with a 7-blade 85mm fan that runs on two ball bearings. You can use the Fan Mate 2 controller to vary the fan speed from 1400rpm to 2800rpm. If you attach the fan directly to the mainboard, its speed will be 3000rpm.

The heat pipes lie in the grooves in the copper base of the cooler.

Advertising its CNPS8000, Zalman draws your attention not only to the option of using this cooler in Ultra Quiet mode, but also to its low height which is a mere 62.5mm. Zalman’s specialists think that with these dimensions the cooler can be used in compact system cases and in barebone systems.

The cooler is 108mm wide, and it needs 54 millimeters of free space around the CPU socket, counting from the heatsink’s center, to mount normally on the mainboard.

Obviously, an overwhelming majority of mainboards meet this requirement. It’s not that simple with the cooler’s length, however.

It’s all well where the heat pipes end – you need a gap of only 50 millimeters. But you need 58 millimeters on the side where the pipes are curved. The instructions enclosed with the cooler contain an error as they specify dimensions of 50 millimeters for both sides, but one side is in fact longer by nearly a centimeter (this is confirmed in the 1.6MB, PDF manual you can find on the official website).

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