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Scythe Mine (SCMN-1000)

I personally am looking forward to testing the Scythe Infinity cooler the Japan-headquartered Scythe announced at Computex 2006. It seems to be an unprecedented air cooling solution with tremendous potential. The cooler I’m going to test today – the Scythe Mine – is no less interesting, however, as it claims to be a lucky combination of efficiency and low noise level. This is how it is introduced in the company’s press release. Let’s check if this claim is grounded well.

The cooler’s package is large and has a plastic window in the middle through which you can see most of the device.

Scythe made good use of the available package space, putting a lot of text on it. You can learn about the technologies implemented in the new cooler and its specification, check out the list of included accessories and read the warranty obligations.

The Japanese word “Mine” means a mountain peak and the heatsink’s plates are shaped accordingly:

The cooler represents the nearly-classic tower-like design with thin aluminum plates put on heat pipes. In the Scythe Mine there are two groups of plates between which a 100mm fan is located.

There are 2 x 46 plates in total and their thickness and stiffness is similar to that of the Zalman CNPS8000, i.e. 0.25-0.3mm. The cooler has only three heat pipes, 6mm in diameter, and this looks like a drawback to me. The heat pipes go through the cooler’s base and are sealed in their top with screw nuts.

When I first saw about this cooler I immediately had a question why they hadn’t cut those pipes into six and put their ends into the base? This would have increased the area of contact of the heat pipes with the copper plate in the base while keeping the manufacturing cost of the product roughly at the same level.

On one of the cooler’s sides arrows show the direction of the fan rotation and airflow, thus helping you orient the cooler in the right way inside the system case.

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