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The CPU cooling solutions market is currently the most diverse of all other market segments connected with personal computer components. I believe only mainboard market could probably compare with the cooling solutions market in terms of variety richness and that would be primarily due to the fact that there exist multiple modifications of the same mainboard model. Unfortunately, this enormous number of cooling products is mostly the result of aggressive marketing rather than need, because no matter ho many new coolers come out, the cooling efficiency doesn’t improve beyond its current level any more.

The introduction of new platforms with new processor sockets and retention types encourages the release of new cooling solutions. For example, the recent announcement of new CPUs and mainboards with LGA1156 socket was a real gift for the companies’ marketing specialists. By simply adding a new retention kit to the accessories bundle and freshening up the cooler model name they can claim having a new solution that is absolutely worth your attention. And users do buy them. Although, there are also positive examples, when the manufacturers provide the owners of their old cooler models with new retention kits for free thus winning more respect and appreciation. In fact, it is really not about retention kits but about something we have long been trying to draw your attention to: the absence of any improvement in the cooling efficiency of existing solutions.

Nevertheless, there are some interesting findings in this sphere, and today we are going to discuss and test one cooler like that. I am talking about CoolAge X120TF. And to make sure that it performs in good company we decided to add a couple of “new” solutions represented by Evercool Transformer 4 and Zalman CNPS10X Quiet as well as five competitors with similar design and features. As a result, the initial single-product review turned into a pretty large-scale comparison including eight air cooling solutions, which is not something we do that often. So, let’s start with the detailed review of the three new products introduced on our site for the first time.

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