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Our today’s article told you about a few new air coolers for CPUs. Are there any solutions among them that would be suitable for overclocking systems? Yes, there is one – Zalman CNPA10X Quiet, which turned at least as good as the previous Extreme version, but costs $10 less and generated less noise during work. We can compare the efficiency of this solution against the best tower-coolers, like Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme or ThermoLab BARAM. Moreover, the new cooler is universal and very easy to install (if we disregard the fact that the mainboard needs to be removed from the system case, like with most other contemporary coolers).

Two other coolers are not so exciting. Despite the super high-tech heatsink design, CoolAge X120TF can only be efficient at high fan rotation speeds and high noise levels that is why it will barely suit any home users. It is pretty strange that a dense heatsink is designed to accommodate only one fan. We would also like to draw CoolAge’s attention to the quality of their cooler bases, unless it is a unique drawback of our particular sample. As for Evercool Transformer 4, we have to give this cooler due credit for low level of generated noise and the lowest price ($40) of all eight models discussed today. However, unfortunately, it turned out not too efficient, which diminishes the advantages mentioned above.

Coming back to the discussion we started in the beginning of this article, we can conclude that the new coolers tested today have once again failed to raise the efficiency bar to a new level and have simply joined the existing army of solutions. Nevertheless, we still hope that very soon really efficient coolers will appear that is why we will continue reviewing new solutions. Especially since the remaining months of the year 2009 promise to be especially exciting in this respect.

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