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Compatibility and Installation Tips

The cooler is installed in very simple but at the same time very reliable ways. It uses a retention swing-clip with a locking tab for AMD platforms (no need to remove the mainboard from the system case for this installation). As for Intel LGA775 and LGA1366 platforms, it uses steel retention plates that are attached to the cooler base with screws and have spring-screws of their own that in their turn get attached to the board.

Socket AM2(+)/AM3

LGA 775/1366

Of course, you will need to remove the mainboard from the system in the latter case, because the spring-screws go through the mainboard PCB to the backplate on the bottom, but the hold will be extremely secure: way stronger than in case of a swing-clip.

During the cooler installation onto an LGA1366 mainboard the distance from the lowest heatsink plate to the mainboard surface will be 45 mm (38 mm to the base). The cooler won’t be hanging over the memory modules that is why there shouldn’t be any conflict of interest between any of the system components:


CoolAge X120TF is shipped without a fan. The users can choose and purchase the best fan themselves. X120TF is bundled with two wire clips for the fan attachment. They should catch on to the retention holes on the inside of the fan frame and then are placed into special grooves in the heatsink:

There are only two clips in the bundle. Besides, the heatsink is shaped in such a way that you can’t install a second fan the traditional way that is why you will have to come up with something. For example, you could fasten the additional fan like this:


Or you could also top CoolAge X120TF heatsink with a single 38 mm fan with high static pressure:

However, it turned out not as efficient as I expected it to be, but we are going to talk more about it in the performance chapter of our today’s review.

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