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Design and Functionality

Evercool Transformer 4 is a tower-cooler based on four copper heatpipes 8 mm in diameter that form part of the cooler base (heatpipe direct touch technology):



The distinguishing feature of this cooler is the use of two 120 mm fans installed for air intake and exhaust.

The heatpipes hold a total of 51 aluminum plates, each 0.35 mm thick, that are spaced out at 2.0 mm distance from one another:



In the base the heatpipes are 2 mm away from one another and each has a 7 mm wide effective contact surface:

This is the thermal compound imprint taken off an LGA1366 processor:

Evercool Transformer 4 is equipped with two EC12025SL12EA fans measuring 120x 120x25 mm. they are attached to the heatsink with wire clips so that one of them sucks air in and another one – ousts it out. The fans are of sparkling silver color. They are so bright that no LEDs are necessary:


They rotate with constant speed of 1000 (±10%) RPM. The claimed noise is at 23 dBA and the created airflow should be 38.14 CFM. Improved slide bearings in the fans should ensure up to 50,000 hours of worry-free operation. Both fans together consume no more than 4 W of power. The fans have rotors with 43 mm diameter and use three-pin power connectors on the end of a 310 mm long cable.

Compatibility and Installation Tips

Evercool Transformer 4 is compatible with all contemporary platforms except the latest addition to Intel family – LGA1156. However, taking into account the installation procedure for this cooler we are certain that the corresponding retention plate for the new socket LGA1156 will be available shortly. In all cases the cooler is installed through the mainboard PCB by tightening the screw-nuts over the backplate retention spindles. This is what it looks like:


This retention ensures extremely strong hold and overall, we consider this type of retention to be the most reliable. There are about 37 mm from the lowest heatsink plate to the base of the cooler, but it is important to remember that the fans hang 8 mm below the last plate (although you can easily shift them up if you want to).  Evercool Transformer 4 sparkles inside the system case:

The cooling efficiency barely depends on the way the cooler is turned during installation (the difference between two ways the heatpipes can be positioned didn’t exceed 1.5-2 °C under peak load).

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