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Cooler Master has invented a superb cooler which delivers high cooling performance at low noise, is compatible with most graphics cards, and is also cheaper than its opponents (at least, if you compare the recommended prices). I might complain that the CoolViva Pro is not meant to be installed on GeForce 8800 cards (it would need a larger base, and perhaps a fourth heat pipe, for that), but they already come with a rather quiet and efficient cooler. So, this is not something to complain about seriously. I’ve found no other drawbacks. So, I just hope the CoolViva Pro will be available freely at prices not much different from the recommended one.


  • Very high cooling performance
  • Silent in automatic mode and very quiet at the max fan speed
  • Compatible with almost all modern graphics cards
  • Easy to install and safe for the graphics card (thanks to the soft frame)
  • Exhausts some of the hot air outside
  • Aluminum heatsinks for memory chips


  • Cannot be installed on GeForce 8800 series graphics cards
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