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Deep Cool Fiend Shark

Deep Cool Company has always pleasantly surprised us with their packaging. The new Fiend Shark cooler is also no exception. It arrived in a box the size of a cooler:

However, it wasn’t particularly informative, providing nothing particularly important besides the scarce technical specs of the cooler:


When we opened the box, we didn’t find the traditional soft polyurethane foam inserts, but a plastic molded casing with a lid holding the cooler and two boxes with accessories beneath it:

Looks very impressive, doesn’t it? They could have probably done more by making an individual compartment for each washer. :) Anyway, Fiend Shark is manufactured in China and priced at $59. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Deep Cool Fiend Shark definitely looks more interesting than the Cooler Master cooler we have just discussed. Take a look:


Very beautiful cooler. It is also considerably larger and measures 157x156x131 mm. Fiend Shark weighs 1142 grams.

The blue fan and inserts of matching color on the sides are the only non-nickel-plated parts of the new Fiend Shark:


The cooler is built on six copper heatpipes 6 mm in diameter, which go through the copper base plate:


The heatsink body is composed of a total of 150 fins soldered to the heatpipes at 2 mm distance from one another. They create six independent heatsink arrays – 25 fins in each:

Since Deep Cool engineers had to lead the heatpipes into the heatsink arrays somehow, there appeared quite a bit of empty space in the center of the heatsink making its effective surface significantly smaller than it could have been otherwise. Moreover, we would like to point out that two hottest heatpipes going through the very center of the cooler base are assigned to the two smallest heatsink arrays, which will hardly be good for efficient heat transfer and dissipation.

There are special grooves cut out in the cooler base plate and the heatpipes are soldered to them:

The thinnest part of the copper nickel-plated base beneath the heatpipes is 3mm thick and the gaps between the heatpipes in the base do not exceed 1.5 mm.

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