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Design and Functionality

There is nothing extraordinary about the cooler design, especially against the background of recently released cooling solutions:

Cooler Master GeminII S is of modest dimensions. It measures 124 x 120.8 x 75mm, which means it is only 7.5cm tall (!). That is why it will easily fit into compact system cases. It weighs 560g, which is also not much at all.

In fact, the cooler consists of four major components: copper base, copper heatpipes, two types of aluminum plates and a fan with an aluminum retention frame. Five copper heatpipes 6mm in diameter come out of the copper base plate and pierce the top of the aluminum heatsink:

The heatpipes are lined up inside the heatsink. They lie in specially cut grooves in the cooler base:

Heatpipes are not the only ones soldered to the cooler base. The central heatsink array is also soldered to the base:

We saw the same approach in Noctua NH-C12P cooler. Here are a few more pictures of the cooler heatsink without the fan:


The heatsink plates are spaced out at 2mm and are about 0.20~0.25mm thick.

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