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The photograph below will give you a better idea of the Cooler Master GeminII S actual size:

Here I would like to say that although Cooler Master GeminII S is practically half the size of the recently tested TITAN CoolIdol, it doesn’t yield to it in efficiency in all tests. It is actually a very illustrative example, of how good coolers should actually be made.

The copper base is covered with protective plastic film. Its finish quality is remarkable:

The base surface is extremely even and the thermal compound imprint on the glass surface as well as on the processor heat-spreader is practically ideal:

Cooler Master GeminII S is equipped with a 120 x 120 x 25mm fan with 9 glossy crescent-shaped blades:

The fan is fastened to the metal frame with four screws. This frame is attached to the side of the heatsink:

The fan is connected to the four-pin mainboard connector and its rotation speed is automatically controlled using PWM method. The specifications claim that it varies from ~1000RPM to ~2000RPM with 69.69CFM maximum airflow and 17-21dBA noise level. The latter may be claimed lower than it actually is. We will have to check it out during our test session.

The fan uses a slide bearing with claimed 40,000 hours MTBF (~4.5 years of non-stop operation). It maximum power consumption equals ~4.2W:

The monitoring utilities reported the fan rotation speed varying from ~800RPM to ~1800RPM during our test session. Here I have to remind you that the predecessor of our today’s hero, Cooler Master GeminII cooler, was shipped without any fans at all.

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