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The heat pipes contact the heatsink’s aluminum ribs through the bottlenecks that were created when the plates were being hung on the pipes.

The copper base of the heatsink is protected against scratches with a piece of film. Don’t forget to remove it prior to installation.

The ends of the heat pipes are sealed and the pipes themselves contact the base by means of soldering.

There are almost no traces of soldering here. Everything is made very neatly.

The base finish is good:

It is flat as I verified by making a print of thermal grease on a piece of glass, but it might be polished better. Comparing it with other coolers, the base of the GeminII is finished better than the Thermaltake Big Typhoon’s but somewhat worse than the bases of coolers from Scythe or Titan.

Recommended Fans

I remind you that the GeminII heatsink comes without fans, but Cooler Master recommends using it with two 120mm R4-S2B-12AK-GP fans made by Cooler Master itself.

These fans are no different than others of their kind, though, so you can just use any other pair of 120mm fans you can find.

The fan speed is 1200rpm. The noise level is specified to be 19dBA, which is very low. This pair of fans does work very quietly. Running on a ball bearing, these fans have an MTBF of 4.5 years of continuous operation. The rest of the fan specification can be read from the photo of the box above or in the specs table.

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