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Design and Functionality

First of all I would like to say that Cooler Master Hyper 612 PWM is a large and pretty heavy cooler. Wide heatsink fins and two strict rows of heatpipes accentuate its massiveness:



The cooler is 163 mm tall, 140 mm long and 127.5 mm wide. You can check out its detailed dimensions on the following layout scheme:

Despite this pretty large size, Hyper 612 PWM weighs 922 grams, which is normal for a contemporary super-cooler.

The cooler is built on six copper heatpipes 6 mm in diameter going through the copper base and piercing 45 aluminum fins. Each heatsink fin is 0.5 mm thick and the gaps between the fins are 2.0 mm:



There is a 120 mm fan attached to one of the wide heatsink sides. A decorative metal plate with Cooler Master logotype covers the top of the cooler hiding the sticking out ends of the heatpipes. The calculated effective heatsink surface is 10,420 cm2, which is about the same as the leading air-coolers have these days.

Despite seemingly simple design, Hyper 612 PWM boasts a few interesting peculiarities:

However, some of them, such as solid copper base or quick-snap second fan, are more of a marketing “feature”, and the wider fin gaps of 2.0 mm are still not wide enough to ensure high cooling efficiency at low fan rotation speeds. Therefore, out of six key distinguishing features declared by the manufacturer there only remain two in the end.

The first one is resistance reduction cut-outs. These are long 3 mm slits in each heatsink fin, which reduce the airflow resistance and reduce heatsink weight. These slits are made in those parts of the fins that are right in-between the heatpipes. The second feature has to do with the cooler base structure: the heatpipes in the base are very tightly packed and soldered together covering the most thermally loaded part of the processor entirely. The gaps between the heatpipes in the cooler base are between 1 and 1.5 mm and the thinnest part of the base plate under them is 3 mm:

The contact base surface is finished pretty nicely, although it is missing the mirror-polish:

The surface is very even, without any Thermalright-like bumps or Noctua-like hollows:

Just like Cooler Master GeminII S524, Hyper 612 PWM comes with a seven-blade 120x120x25 mm fan with optimized XtraFlo impeller:

Its rotation speed is automatically controlled using pulse-width modulation method (PWM) in the interval between 600 and 2000 RPM. It produces 9-36 dBA of noise and creates 24.9-82.9 CFM airflow. The static pressure is also mentioned among the fan specs: it equals 0.3-2.7 mmH2O.

The maximum fan power consumption shouldn’t exceed 4.5 W and its slid bearing should last at least 40,000 hours or 4.6 years of continuous operation.

The fan is attached to the heatsink with two plastic clips, which are screwed on the heatsink before the fan is snapped onto them:

To lower the vibrations transfer from the fan there are soft rubber pads stuck to the corners of these snap-on clips. A pair of additional clips and rubber pads for a second fan is included with the bundled accessories.

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