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Acoustic Performance

Let’s see how the coolers performed in our acoustic tests with their default fans:

Obviously, all coolers have very close acoustic readings, but subjectively, Cogage TRUE Spirit seems to be working in a more acoustically pleasant range than the fans on Cooler Master solutions. And when the rotation speed of the Hyper 212 Plus fan drops to 900-950 RPM, the fan starts making some kind of brushing noise. Hyper N620 fans, luckily, don’t have this problem.

In conclusion I would like to offer you a diagram with the coolers acoustic readings taken in the same operational modes as the efficiency tests:

With the default fans working in PWM mode all three new coolers are very quiet in idle CPU mode. In this case they will definitely satisfy most users. And as soon as the CPU work load increases and the cooler fans reach their maximum rotation speed, Cogage TRUE Spirit appears the quietest. It is the case not only due to slower fan rotation speed, but also due to a quiet bearing that makes no noises of any kind, unlike the bearing used in Hyper 212 Plus.

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