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I have to admit that the overall impression from the coolers we tested today is somewhat pessimistic. These cooling solutions do not represent anything new in technological aspect, their design doesn’t offer anything innovative, they can’t boast unprecedented efficiency at a low noise level and do not amaze with their unique looks. It is not for me to decide what will be that special feature that attracts a potential user, but if you asked me what I would name as the peculiarity of each solution, here is what I could say.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus is the least expensive of all ($29.99) and it is its main advantage over the competitors. But it is not the only advantage, because this cooler features a very convenient universal retention that provides very strong hold and allows installing a second fan (there are additional wire clips included among the bundled accessories). Unfortunately, widely spaced out heatpipes in the Hyper 212 Plus base cannot transfer the heat from the CPU effectively, so the solution cannot provide appropriate cooling efficiency. The rustling sound from the fan at low rotation speed also doesn’t do too much good. However, it could be the issue only with our specific cooler sample.

Cooler Master Hyper N620 could be a super-cooler if its heatsink were bigger. I have to repeat once again that installing two 120 mm fans onto a 51 mm heatsink doesn’t seem logical or justified. Not very even cooler base, must be the issue of our specific cooler sample, because the evenness of the cooer base has never been a problem for Cooler Master solutions. Other than that, Hyper N620 is a very good cooler with universal reliable retention, beautiful fans and LED highlighting and with very adequate price tag for the entire kit ($59.99).

Cogage TRUE Spirit seems to be the best balanced solution of the three. Of course, how could anyone spoil the legendary Thermalright Ultra-120? High efficiency, moderate noise even at maximum fan rotation speed and almost no noise at minimal speed are the highs of the TRUE Spirit cooler. As for the lows, we definitely have to mention uneven base, which doesn’t seem to ever bother Thermalright, and also the limited compatibility of the cooler, which can be used only with LGA1366 mainboards. Today the market offers a wide variety of cooling solutions that is why it is kind of strange to go for a $39.85 cooler that will fit only onto one single platform.

As for us, we hope that the issues we pointed out will be fixed in the existing solutions and that we will soon see some brand new innovative products for CPU cooling. Stay tuned for more reviews!

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