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The heatpipe ends are covered with an aluminum lid at the top. The lid has a decorative plastic pad with Cooler Master Company logo on it:


The cooler base is covered with protective plastic film warning you that it needs to be removed before installation. The cooler base is finished pretty well and the round machine traces remind us of Thermalright coolers:

At the same time we were very pleased that unlike Thermalright solutions the new Cooler Master product has ideally even surface. The thermal compound imprint on the glass and on the processor heat-spreader turned out impeccable:

Winding up the discussion of the cooler base I would like to add that heatpipes lie in special grooves and are so neatly soldered to the base that we could barely notice the soldering:

At the same time, we couldn’t figure out what was used to ensure proper contact between the heatpipes and the aluminum heatsink plates, as we didn’t see any traces of thermal glue or soldering. I would only like to add that the plates sit very snuggly on the heatpipes. So, you shouldn’t worry about them shifting or rattling.

Now we are going to talk about attaching the fans to Cooler Master Hyper Z600 and about the actual cooler installation.

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