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Fan Attachment and Installation Tips

As you remember, Hyper Z600 is bundled with four plastic fan retentions. Note that it can accommodate two 120 x 120 x 25mm fans (a pair of retentions per fan). First you have to fasten the retention brackets to the fan with bundled screws:

Each bracket has two clips that should catch to any of the heatsink four sides:

This entire procedure takes less than a minute and you end up with an active cooler. Moreover, Hyper Z600 becomes not just an active cooler, but a super-cooler:


You should remember, however, that this new cooler with two fans attached to it will weigh more than 1.3 kg, although this weight shouldn’t really discourage a true overclocker as the cooler retention will go all the way through the mainboard PCB. I would like to point out that the fan retention clips lock very securely that is why we didn’t detect any vibration or additional noise during the entire test session.

Now we have to say a few words about the actual cooler installation. If you have been reading our cooler reviews including those of Cooler Master products for a while, there will be nothing new to you here. Te cooler can be installed suing one of the two bundled retention sets that are screwed on to the cooler base with four screws:


Since the cooler base is perfectly square, you can attach the Socket 754/939/940/AM2(+) retention to the cooler base either way and hence turn the cooler facing in any direction. Of course, LGA 775 platforms never had the same limitation as AMD K8 ones. However, since Hyper Z600 heatsink is completely symmetrical and the heatpipes are very compactly packed at the cooler base, turning the cooler facing different ways doesn’t really change anything, unlike other solutions out there.

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