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Acoustic Tests

We measured the level of noise generated by our today’s testing participants from a 3cm, 1m and 3m distance. The results are given on the diagram below:

I believe there is nothing I could really add here.


Cooler Master Hyper Z600 turned out a very interesting new solution. Probably the most interesting cooler of all we have tested over the last two-three months. First of all, this cooler will be of great value and interest to the owners of quiet PCs and large computer cases who do not need to squeeze all the juices out of their CPUs. As you could see from our today’s experiments, Hyper Z600 can cope easily with a new quad-core QX9650 running at 3.7GHz or old Q6600 working at 3.42GHz. But the most remarkable thing is that this is far not the maximum of the cooler’s potential.

With one or, better, two quiet fans, the modest passive Hyper Z600 turns into a deadly weapon against hot overclocked processors. And a pair of high-speed fans brings its performance up to the level of recognized leaders among contemporary air coolers. Even equipped with two high-speed fans the newcomer didn’t manage to completely catch up with ZEROtherm Nirvana NV120 Premium. However, the Nirvana in passive mode on a quad-core processor gives up at 3.45GHz already, while Hyper Z600 can do much more, as you know by now.

All in all, this solution will undoubtedly find its place in the market even despite the relatively high price of $60.

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