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The originally shaped fastening screws prevented me from taking the top plastic piece off the heatsink to examine the blower. I did make a couple of photos, though:

The fan speed is constant and specified to be 2200rpm at 22dBA of noise. The cooler is also equipped with four blue LEDs that are sure to attract a modder.

According to the scheme below, the blower is sucking the air in from above and below and exhausting it sideways through the heatsink ribs, cooling them and the pipes:

Nothing should prevent the cooler from taking the air from above, but I do have great doubts about its ability to take the air in from below. It is clear even from the airflow scheme that the air that the Sphere takes in from below is going to be the same hot air that the blower exhausts. So, I guess the cooler won’t cool the mainboard’s near-socket space properly. I’ll check this out shortly, though.

The cooler’s base is protected with a piece of polyethylene film. Its finish quality is good.

Although it doesn’t have the polish typical of coolers from Titan and Zalman, the base of the copper plate is finished quite well. The base is also perfectly flat as I made sure by viewing the trace of thermal grease on glass.

The pipes are soldered to the base and covered from above with a metallic bar:

The bar is surely not copper, but painted a similar color. It serves to ensure proper contact between the pipes and the cooler’s base as it is fastened from the reverse side with two screws.

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